Motorcycle riding is a fun and exciting pastime enjoyed by many Americans. However, unsafe riding practices can lead to Bay Area motorcycle accidents, which are often tragic.

Factors That Will Increase the Chance of a Bay Area Motorcycle Accident

  1. Lane splitting. Lane splitting occurs when motorcyclists drive through marked lanes for traffic traveling in one direction. Lane splitting is not illegal in California, and it can be safe. However, it can also lead to serious accidents—especially on busy highways. Unfortunately, other vehicles may try to illegally block cyclists from lane splitting, which can cause collisions.
  2. Filtering. Filtering is similar to lane splitting. This refers to motorcyclists riding between stopped cars to reach the front of a line, usually at an intersection.
  3. Speeding. Though it may seem obvious that this increases your chances of getting into a Bay Area motorcycle accident, it warrants repeating. Speeding creates unsafe driving conditions for you and other drivers who may not prepare for your approach. Additionally, controlling any vehicle at high speed is challenging.
  4. Neglecting your ride. Before you head onto a highway, ensure your motorcycle is in proper condition. Look at your brakes, tires, and lights. Prevention can save your life on a busy road.
  5. Inattention. A car may fail to see a motorcycle or misjudge its speed and turn left in front of it. While you cannot prevent this, you can prepare for it. Always pay attention to signs that a car may turn in front you: a vehicle at an intersection, one that is waiting to turn, a gap in traffic, or a distracted driver.
  6. Running into a corner too fast. Once you see yourself in a corner, your best approach is to trust your bike and attempt to ride it out. Of course, it is best to completely avoid this situation. Do not ride so fast that it affects visibility, and use visual clues to get a sense of the road’s direction.
  7. Riding with dummies. No one wants to derail your friends, but you need to stick with those who make good choices. Before you ride with anyone else, make sure everyone understands group riding etiquette and how to ride in a staggered formation.

Motorcycle accidents can be especially catastrophic. It is important to follow these precautions, but you should also understand your rights and how to proceed if you are involved in a collision. If you gave been in a motorcycle accident feel free to consult with The Law Offices of Edward Casey to determine what steps you should take after an accident.