Other Case Results


Bikkina v. Mahadevan

Alameda Superior Court, defamation


Mathais et al. v. Helms, GPN

Santa Clara Superior Court, class action, consumer fraud


Vierra v. Hughes/Allstate

Alameda Superior Court, auto collision

$18.5 million

John Doe v. Confidential Defendant

Brain injury

$1,000,000 and injuction

Condes v. Evercom

Alameda Superior Court, consumer class action


Baker v. Allstate et al

Contra Costa County Superior Court, auto accident, multiple fractures


Homeowners v. Confidential Defendants

Napa Superior Court, Construction Defect


Jane Doe v. Confidential Defendant

Contra Costa County Superior Court, trip and fall, low back injury


Nadine Torres v. Swift Worldwide, Inc.

Alameda Superior Court, motorcycle collision


Jane Doe v. Confidential Defendant

Alameda Superior Court, sexual abuse


Bergero v. Eljacifi/Elhabib

Contra Costa County Superior Court, auto collision


Contra Costa Superior Court, trip and fall


Randolph v. Davis et al

Superior Court of California, pedestrian injured by vehicle


San Francisco Superior Court, rear-end collision


Sarah Meyers v. BSB Properties, Inc.

San Francisco Superior Court, negligence, products liability

$6.7 million

Tran v. City and County of San Francisco, State of California

San Francisco Superior Court, wrongful death


John Doe v. Catholic Order

Alameda Superior Court, clergy abuse

$1.9 million

Fields v. City and County of San Francisco

San Francisco Superior Court, personal injury


John Doe v. Confidential Defendant

Marin Superior Court, head injury


White v. Concord

U. S. District Court, Northern District of California, police misconduct


Solis v. Ortega et al

San Joaquin Superior Court, Personal Injury – dog mauling


Solis v. Ortega et al

U. S. District Court, Northern District of California, civil rights/excessive force


Solis v. Ortega et al

U. S. District Court, Northern District of California, civil rights/excessive force


Schall v. Knott et al

California Superior Court, freeway collision


Alameda Superior Court, trip and fall

$187,500 (compensatory damages), $101,000.00 (punitive damages)

Benson v. Robert Newton, California-Nevada-Hawaii District of the Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod

San Francisco Superior Court, defamation, negligence

$2.25 million

Jane Doe v. Confidential Defendant

San Francisco Superior Court, personal injury


Doe v. Confidential Defendant

San Joaquin Superior Court, auto collision


Homeowners v. Confidential Defendants

Napa Superior Court, Construction Defect


John Doe v. Confidential Defendant

Marin Superior Court, product defect


[Confidential settlement]

Marin Superior Court, premises liability


Singh v. Unites States

U. S. District Court, Northern District of California, civil rights/unlawful detention


Sybyl v. J.M. Maita Construction, Inc.

Superior Court of California, County of Sonoma, premises accident


Ramsey v. Brown, et al

Alameda Superior Court, vehicle vs. auto collision


Walsh v. Martinez et al

Alameda Superior Court, pit bull mauling/attack

Other Testimonials

I appreciate Ed Casey’s excellent and outstanding service regarding my lawsuit. Mr. Casey was very clear when explaining the legal process. He was always available to answer any question I had for him. I could not have had better representation. I was very pleased with the resolution of my lawsuit. I highly recommend Ed Casey for anyone needing an attorney.

Arturo Castaneda

Bay Point, CA

I appreciate Ed Casey’s excellent and outstanding service regarding my lawsuit. Mr. Casey was very clear when explaining the legal process. He was always available to answer any question I had for him. I could not have had better representation. I was very pleased with the resolution of my lawsuit. I highly recommend Ed Casey for anyone needing an attorney.

Arturo Castaneda

Bay Point, CA

As a mediator, it is a rare pleasure to work with counsel who combine aggressive representation of their clients with pragmatism, creativity and realism.  Ed Casey is such a litigator.  I had the pleasure of working with Ed on a complex construction case which was (for the second time) on the eve of trial.  There was no beating around the bush: Ed had evaluated his case, understood the risks and had articulated them to his clients.  He came prepared to resolve the case and once he had articulated a reasonable settlement position, he stuck with it and the case resolved – a good result for all involved.

Sarah Burke

Esq., Burke ADR

I would like to express my appreciation for Ed Casey’s excellent and outstanding service, in regard to my husband’s lawsuit. He settled my husband’s case quickly and we were more than satisfied with the settlement he obtained for us. Be assured that I have passed along word of how pleased we were with Mr. Casey (what a mensch!). Anyone who is in need of an understanding and compassionate attorney has found one in Ed Casey. I highly recommend Ed Casey. He will always put his clients first.

With sincere respect and gratitude,

Rita Diamond Cohen

Alameda, California

When my dear elderly mom was treated negligently at a very reputable Bay Area nursing home I wasn’t sure how to proceed. Not being the litigious type, but knowing Mom had suffered needlessly, I sought an assessment of our options. Ed Casey was a superb counselor, providing his concern and expertise, and ultimately reaching a fair settlement with the nursing home. In the most unfortunate of circumstances he not only got the job done, but also offered good humor and kindness along the way — not something I would normally expect from a personal injury attorney! Our family was very fortunate to find him, and we highly recommend him.

Elizabeth E.

Albany, CA

I retained Ed Casey several years ago when my husband had been seriously injured in a high speed auto collision. There was very little insurance and my husband had incurred hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Ed obtained significant compensation for my husband and got the hospital to reduce their bills drastically. Somehow it all worked out and I was so grateful for our great lawyer.

In July 2003, I was devastated when three of my cousins were killed in a freeway collision. My aunt and uncle were immobilized by grief and the loss of their children. I knew we needed the best possible lawyer to help sort out this horrible incident and seek compensation from the negligent parties who took my cousins’ lives. With Ed’s tremendous legal skills and hard work, my aunt and uncle received very significant compensation for their unfathomable loss. I will always remember Ed’s great counsel and advocacy and would not hesitate to refer anyone to him in the future.

Xuan Nguyen

San Francisco, CA

I was involved in a serious 2 car auto collision on 21 January 2011. A lady made a right turn from the left lane, on a surface street going roughly 40 to 45 mph. I was traveling in the right lane going roughly the same speed. She claimed that I was in her blind spot.
She forcefully hit the driver’s side of my Cadillac CTS, with her large van. My car went up on two wheels and fortunately did not roll over due to a light post that I hit on the passenger side of the car. My Cadillac was totaled after I then ran up a sidewalk and was stopped by a large flowerbed and tall shrubbery.

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Jann Maccollam

San Marcos, CA

Ed Casey very successfully helped us through a most difficult time. No family wants to be put in a position where legal action is necessary — but when it is, Ed delivers. He does his job with care and sensitivity as well as precision and great attention to detail. Like the conductor of an orchestra, he knows when to bring in each player, all of whom have the benefit of thorough preparation and practice with the maestro himself. With Ed, there are no nasty surprises and no false promises. He carefully builds the evidence needed to prove the case, including the use of highly qualified expert witnesses for optimal effect. We cannot thank Ed Casey enough for the work he did on our family’s behalf.

Sean Maloney – Chairman, Intel China

Margaret Chai-Maloney

As a Private Investigator in the bay area with 30 years of experience with a variety of lawyers, I can honestly say that Ed Casey is among the best. He is hard working, diligent, smart, imaginative, thorough and honest. He understands that the time and effort put into a case reaps huge benefits in both the overall success of the case and in maximizing the dollar value of the settlement/verdict. He uses his intelligence and hard work to develop each case, and does it with style and a pleasant demeanor. Ed Casey’s clients are definitely well served.

Scott Ebke

Private Investigator

Ed Casey came highly recommended when I required an attorney capable of handling my complex issues. My family’s very financial life, future and home were at risk due to crimes committed by my then wife. Mr. Casey listened actively and intently to every facet of my situation and asked all the right questions to discern my legal options. At that time my legal problems became our legal solutions.

While retaining an attorney is hiring an attorney, I felt from the minute I began working with Ed that he was my partner in my case. We worked closely through the entire process and Ed’s professionalism, insight and expertise were evident every step of the way.

Ed was diligent in everything he did. He was timely and reliable and kept me accurately informed. He was always available to answer any question or concern and took a personal interest, not just my case, but in me and my family as well. Ed was exemplary in preparing, managing and trying my cases.

I could not have received better representation or expected more, but I did get more; Edward C. Casey Jr. is my attorney and my friend.

Glenn Hopper

San Jose, CA

The law offices of Ed Casey were a tremendous help in resolving issues related to water intrusion in our home. The foundation slab did not meet industry standards which resulted in moisture seepage. Also, during heavy rains water penetrated the back wall of our home causing damage to the interior. The builder of our home had attempted repairs but water continued to come through the wall. Ed and his team were able to negotiate a settlement with the builder enabling us to complete necessary repairs to correct the problems.

Throughout this entire process, Mr. Casey and his associates took care of everything. There was minimal time and work required on our part, and no expenses directly out of our pocket. They called in experts for testing, they advised us each step of the way what to expect, and they communicated with us on a regular basis keeping us apprized of the negotiation status. This gave us complete confidence they had our best interest at heart in trying to reach a settlement agreement.

We had never been involved in a lawsuit before and didn’t know what to expect. Mr. Casey made the whole experience easy and worthwhile. The settlement allowed us to have our floor sealed by a reputable firm and our back wall completely stripped and re-stuccoed. Without his assistance we might still be haggling with the builder or worse yet, incurring expenses to have the problems fixed ourselves. We are very pleased with Mr. Casey’s handling of our litigation as well as the outcome. Thank you Ed!

Alvin & Lorene King

American Canyon, CA, San Jose, CA

On January 20 2009  my mother who was 88 at the time, was taking a walk down her street. As my mother was walking, a neighbor backed her car out of her garage and down her driveway. My mother did not see her and she did not see my mom.  Mom was knocked over into the street. My mother sustained a fractured left hip, elbow, wrist and ring finger.  She received a partial hip replacement, the tip of her elbow was screwed and wired back in place.  Her fractured wrist and finger were left to heal unaided due to the movement restriction on the elbow. My mother was away from her home until the beginning of April due to hospital time, rehab in a facility, and assisted living care.  My father who was 89 at the time could not live on his own in their home.  A caregiver was hired to prepare meals, take care of the home, and drive him to visit my mother.

My mother came home in April with strict restrictions on the use of her left arm.  As a consequence 24 hour care was needed for her in the home. With time things have improved and she now has a caregiver 3 mornings a week.

Back in January when this first occurred I called the insurance companies and was given the adjustors names. Upon talking with them I realized that this situation was way beyond my ability. My brothers and I also knew that our parents had a limited retirement, one that they had planned to keep themselves as independent as possible but not to take in this sort of occurrence. Mr Ed Casey was referred to us by another lawyer.

Mr. Casey promptly called my parents and set up a appointment . My mother was in an assisted living facility. Mr Casey was clear and concise  when explaining the legal process. My parents signed with him as their legal counsel.

Mr Casey communicated by phone, mail, and in person to my parents, brother, and myself. He followed through on every step and kept us informed. Matters were taken care of in a timely fashion. He understood my parents needs and situation. He listened to their desires and added his own input when needed. He took care of their medicals bills, caregiver bills, assisted living bills, and helped them to be prepared for any future health needs.

I would highly recommend Mr Casey.

Thank you,

Carol Muller

Oakland, California

On April 30th, 2004, I was involved in a horrific car accident. I was not at fault, rather it was a case of being at the wrong place at the wrong time. I needed an attorney to help me navigate the very cumbersome and overwhelming legal and insurance processes. A close friend, who happens to be a corporate attorney, recommended Ed’s firm and it turned out to be the best thing I could have done to recover my significant medical expenses, lost property, loss of wages, and ultimately to receive a fair settlement for my pain and suffering.

Ed was a true advocate; he was constantly pushing my agenda and worked with the attorneys for the involved parties to get me the best settlement. He’s a professional doing what he does best: looking out for his clients.

Thank you Ed!

Andres Bergero

Concord, CA

Our experience with the legal services of Ed Casey, Jr. was phenomenal! Having worked in the legal field for over seventeen years, we have not met another lawyer like Ed Casey, Jr. His professional demeanor gained our trust at our first meeting. He clearly listens, understands and communicates to his clients in the most straight-forward and no-nonsense way. His powerful negotiating skills has allowed us to obtain several positive results with our own legal matters. We highly recommend Ed Casey, Jr. to our family and friends who need a lawyer who is trustworthy, dependable, and even returns phone calls.

Stacey & Victor

Napa, CA

I was in a motorcycle accident and my fiance and I retained Ed to assist us with a personal injury settlement. I cannot say enough good things about him. He showed great professionalism and his office staff was always so easy to work with. Ed was readily available to answer all our questions and always returned calls promptly. Additionally, he was careful to explain this process to me in a way that I could understand and he showed the deepest compassion to myself and my fiance. He got us a great settlement, and I could not have asked for better representation. I will most certainly refer friends and family to him in the future and I highly recommend him.

Summer Halligan

Arcata, CA

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