5 Unbelievable Motorcycle Accidents People Actually Survived

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5 Unbelievable Motorcycle Accidents People Actually Survived

We all know that motorcycles can be dangerous. Every year, thousands of Americans get into motorcycle accidents, some of which are deadly. Sometimes, however, people defy death and survive even the most horrific accidents. Here are some of their stories. Man Gets Struck by Lightning and Crashes His Motorcycle In August of 2015, Eugene Villenes […]

How to Know Whether You Should Sue for a Car Accident

After a car accident, you can go through your insurance or the other driver’s insurance to seek compensation for your losses. Your insurance coverage might offer to pay your bills, but there is a catch: these companies rarely offer to pay the full amount. So what are your options? You may be wondering whether suing […]

3 Astonishing but True Trucking Accidents People Somehow Survive

The human body is capable of amazing things. We can heal ourselves and survive life-threatening, impossible to believe situations. Trucking accidents in particular tend to be rather gruesome, and it is always inspiring to hear survivor’s stories. The Man Who Died and Then Won the Lottery Australian truck driver Bill Morgan was having a normal […]

How to Choose an Oakland Car Accident Attorney – 7 Tips From the Trenches

Getting in a car accident can trigger a frenzy of activity and emotion. You may be dealing with mild or severe injuries and property damage, and you are definitely dealing with a “what do I do next?” cloud over your head. Friends and family have probably said you should talk to a car accident attorney […]

How to Know Whether You Can (or Should) Sue for a Car Accident

Oakland Personal Injury Attorney, Ed Casey, offers drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians tips to stay safe and sane on the bay area’s busy streets.