When you are involved in an accident, render assistance to anyone who may need it and move to a place of safety. Next, collect evidence!

It is hard to write down all of the information you need after you are involved in an accident. You are upset, nervous, and may be injured and in shock. You may have difficulty finding a piece of paper and a pen. So, make use of your smart phone.

Use the camera in your cell phone to take photos of the involved vehicles, license plates, the roadway, the traffic signs and signals. Importantly, take photos (yes, photos) of the other driver’s license and insurance card! Even take photos of the other driver and any occupants of the other vehicle. Remember, when taking photos after an accident, more is always better. Take as many photos as you can—different angles, close ups, broad views. There is no such thing as too much evidence, especially when it is collected immediately after an accident has occurred.